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顺应云时代 微软提供免费移动版Office软件:一本岛高清v免费一三区
2022-07-31 [13217]
本文摘要:Seattle-few golden geese in technology have survived as long as Office has for Microsoft。


Seattle-few golden geese in technology have survived as long as Office has for Microsoft。西雅图——在技术领域几乎没有像微软office一样经久不衰的钱线。The suite of applications that includes Word,excel and PowerPoint,first released in 1990,Generated nearly a third of Microsoft ' sbut in a sign of the seismic changes under way in the tech industry,Microsoft,the world ' s largest software company,Said on ThursdayOffice的免费IPad、IPhone和Android平板电脑版本一般不会反对部署为Office电脑版本的大部分基本工作。

Just a few years ago,giving away a full free version of office would have earned a Microsoft chief executive a visit from a witch doctor . now . The几年前,如果微软的CEO要求免费获得Office正式版本,人们就不会认为他傻了。目前,该措施是呼吁新的首席执行官萨蒂雅纳德拉(Satya Nadella)的支持。

纳德已经将云计算和移动计算纳入该公司的未来发展方向。the old Microsoft hemmed and hawed about creating office apps for mobile platforms from Google and apple,Pushing its windows platform instead .以前,为了为谷歌和苹果的移动平台创建Office应用程序,微软致力于推广自己的Windows平台。


(威廉莎士比亚、温斯顿、谷歌、谷歌、谷歌、谷歌、谷歌、谷歌、谷歌)“lots of consumers don't need a PC,”said Rick sher“they just need an internet connection。they don't need office as much。

”“很多消费者不需要电脑”,他们只需要将设备连接到互联网上。他们并不一定需要Office。“That reality has started to weigh on office . while sales of the software to businesses grew about 8 percent last year,Consumer revenue rose only今年前两个季度Office销售量下降的比率超过了两位。


the Office business suffered in recent years from a global slump in sales of PCs,Which were hurt as people began to do more And more basic computing近年来,人们用平板电脑和智能手机积极执行更基本的计算任务,导致全球电脑销量下降,给Office业务带来损失。多年来,Office仍然没有销售移动设备版本,很多消费者已经开始思考,不知道自己应该知道。

需要工作软件的人开始转向苹果、谷歌、evernote等初创企业的免费或低廉的替代方案。(威廉莎士比亚、温斯顿、软件、软件、软件、软件、软件、软件)The outlook for Microsoft ' s apps has improved in recent quarters with grows近几个季度,Office365业绩迅速增长,微软应用的前景也有所提高。Office365是该系列的云版本,提供持续修订、无限在线文件存储空间、免费Skype电话服务等。

消费者一个月只需要支付7 ~ 10美元的服务费,售价约为150美元的Office。“we ' d like to dramatically increase the number of people trying office,John case,corporate vice president of office marketing saare”“this is about widening the funnel。”“我期待能大大减少尝试Office的用户数量。

”Microsoft Office企业营销副总裁约翰凯斯(John Case)的核心是拓宽渠道。单击“Microsoft started to suggest a more open posture earlier this year,when it released an iPad version of office that could be used to read documents”微软今年年初发布IPad版本的Office时,表现出了可用于加载文档、电子表格和演示文稿的更开放的姿态。if users wanted to edit or print those documents,though,They needed to pay a subscription fee to Microsoft . now Microsoft is doing away withand free office apps for tablets running Android,Google ' s mobile operating system . and it is updating office apps for iphone to allow es At a tity但是,用户要编辑或打印这些文档,必须向Microsoft支付订阅费。




Microsoft says it has more than 7 million consumers subscribing to office 365 . it says there have been more than 40 million downloads of its office S for微软的回应微软回应说,截至9月30日,在最近一个季度里,Office从消费者那里获得的收益增长快了7%。by making an unabridged version of office available for free on mobile,Microsoft is betting it can get even more people to start using the softwareMicrosoft免费获得原始Office移动版本,成为The calculation is similar to The one made by software makers in The mobile industry . instead of The one-time fees long associial重复使用是付费的,大部分应用程序开发人员可以免费获得——产品,从游戏、工作软件到在线存储服务。但是,仅限于基本功能,高级功能不付费。

“we ' re seeing the consumer valuation for those things start to approach zero”,said wes miller,an analyst at directions on microsole“我看到消费者的软件评价接近0。”分析微软情况的研究公司Directions on Microsoft的分析师韦斯米勒(Wes Miller)表示。Apple,for example,Made its iwork suite of productivity applications free a year ago for new buyers of Macs and apple mobile devices . Google以苹果为例,一年前开始为Mac电脑和苹果移动设备的新客户免费获得工作。

谷歌免费销售web应用程序,与Office竞争,确保部分用户。Microsoft announced this spring that it would give away some versions of windows,its other big cash cow,To hardware companies that want To powindows是微软的另一家大型现金奶牛,今年春天,微软宣布不免费获得特定版本的Windows,It was an attempt by Microsoft to claw its way out of a severe deficit in mobile by encouunt微软希望通过它生产更好的企业,请注意,这一变化与屏幕更大的PC使用的Windows版本无关。